Data Governance

Organizations rely on data warehouse platforms to deliver actionable, timely, and trustworthy intelligence. Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) technology organizes and aggregates analytical data from various data sources and serves as a central repository for operations and analysis. It offers . Tribolatech helps businesses improve performance by designing, developing and implementing data warehousing solutions. Through our technical expertise, in-database analytics, predictive models, and embedded business algorithms we can help organizations drive better business decisions.


With data explosion at its peak, storing valuable data is a primary concern for many organizations. We work with business to determine the optimal method that best suits your needs. Our partners  offer “hybrid” deployments, in which cloud software is hosted on an organization’s private servers. Whether you are looking to lower your infrastructure costs or to optimize cloud strategy, TribolaTech is there every step of the way.


Let TribolaTech take the guesswork out of the equation. While a data lake has nearly unlimited potential but requires complex transformations before achieving insights. On the other hand,  data warehouse requires significant investment in advance, yet in return delivers the ability to easily organize and analyze everything. Our solutions will ensure that you get the best results from all your data sources.


Security is often the top concern  considering how critical the information stored including company financials, corporate trade secrets, employee information, client lists and more. Most reputable cloud vendors have strict standards in place to keep data safe that are compliant to the regulatory standards enforced by world organizations. TribolaTech data experts are well versed with data regulations and norms and will work to ensure


You have questions, we have answers. With lot of data comes lots of questions!  What is the nature of my data? Do I need Real Time or is batch better? Structured or Unstructured? What About Data Volatility? How clean is my data? TribolaTech has solutions for your questions and solutions to tackle your problems.