Unlocking speed in times of crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has challenged organizations across industries and sectors, forcing leaders to rethink how they organize, make decisions, serve customers, and interact with their employees. The healthcare industry has combatted the pandemic on a variety of fronts. Through mobilizing clinicians, adapting sites of care, launching new services at speed and, as always, prioritizing the health and well-being of patients, players across the healthcare industry strove to meet the challenge of a one-in-a-generation crisis.


At TribolaTech, during Pandemic crisis, we had a social obligation towards our community and society. We took the liberty of pulling data from various sources, consolidated and ran Covid analytics by County to help the state of California stay safe, secure and alert:

As more people become vaccinated, reducing the acute, short-term demands of COVID-19 on our healthcare system, healthcare organizations may be better situated to address the longer-term implications that COVID-19 has accelerated or brought to light, including:


  1. Creating a more resilient and flexible healthcare ecosystem capable of adapting to changes in demand (for example, rapid decline in inpatient services, shift of care from hospital to ambulatory setting, and uncertainty around future surges/outbreaks)
  2. Considering the long-term implications of a sudden expansion of virtual health and other remote activities,
  3. Ramping up use of technology and innovative staffing models to enable clinicians