Identity and Access Management


Specializes in delivering comprehensive Identity Management solutions

Increased cybersecurity breaches, cloud based application and third party applications puts lot of pressure on the organization to create and maintain identities. TriboloTech with years of experience in solving & streamlining the identities provide our expertise in creating a simplified business processes and solutions that will simplify the mystery around managing identities and reduces the cost of implementing and managing identities.

We specialize in managing and implementing various IAM solutions in the market place from On Premise to Cloud based applications. We have talented individuals in our team with passion to solve the critical identity management issues affecting all industries. Managing Identities through self-serve and efficiently and quickly assigning new identities across disparate systems has always been a pain sticking process and our team of experts have successfully untangled the complexity and also reduced the cost of implementing the solution through upfront analysis and right product selection to our clients.

IAM Services

  • Product Engineering
    • Engineering of IAM/Federation Products and Solutions
    • Support all phases of Product Engineering Lifecycle
  • Solution & Integration
    • Making applications Identity-aware
    • Development of SSO provisioning and Federation connectors
  • Professional Services
    • End-to-end enterprise architecture planning
    • Enterprise IAM/Federation solutions
    • Federation solutions for SaaS/cloud apps

Business Value

Identity and Access Management solutions and services provide the following business value for an organization:

User Experience, Productivity and Empowerment

  • Enhance personalization of content and delivery of services through self-service processes.
  • Simplifies user sign-on across various applications.

IT & Information Management efficiency

  • Streamlines the efforts required to keep the Identity data consistent and up to date.
  • Leverages existing infrastructure to reduce unnecessary replication of information across various sites.

Accountability & User Privacy

  • Establishes common grounds for business & technology standards, trust & non-repudiation amongst participating organizations, thereby helping identify accountability.
  • Maintains user privacy regarding the information passed between the participating agencies.

Application Development Agility

  • Accelerates application development cycles through reusable integration and security components.
  • Improving business competitiveness by helping organizations build new services and expose existing applications more quickly.

Achieving ROI

  • Reducing time and resources required to administer user IDs passwords & at the helpdesk for security access issues by providing self service features
  • Minimizing the productivity time lag incurred when new employees are brought onboard and must be provided with specific resources in order to perform their jobs.
  • Eliminating or reducing the possibility of a major breach of security due to insufficient user access controls.