Fraud and Compliance

Identify and prevent fraud, mitigate risk, and enhance compliance

Increased attack on company’s infrastructures has increased the need to provide real time fraud detection, prevention strategies and tools to combat cybersecurity related responses. TribolaTech has worked with various vendors such as NICE Actimize, BAE Systems & others in the marketplace in delivering the right solution to our clients based on their industry regulations and organization needs.

The ability of the hackers to change and assume identities needs experts to understand what information/data needs to be secured to protect organizations from losing competitive edge and possible onslaught from regulators on not being able to comply with the industry regulations. However, as technology grows more sophisticated, so do the fraudsters and thieves who manipulate these resources to achieve personal gain, conduct illicit activities, and circumvent the law.

TribolaTech over several years has successfully worked with organizations in helping address cybersecurity issues. Some of the initiative we have helped customers plan, implement and maintain are as below

  • Implementing Case management software for Fraud and compliance departments providing the ability to have 360 degree view of the customer activity through risk ranking and tracking.
  • Assessment and implementing various vendor tools to detect in real time payment frauds such as Wire, Check, ACH and Deposit fraud by understanding customer behaviour and triggering the possible deviation.
  • Implement Compliance related vendor solutions for areas such as BSA/AML and KYC/CDD/EDD
  • Providing critical data analysis to help organization narrow down the problem and determining a path for success
  • Strong experience in consulting and implementing vendor based fraud and compliance solution such as NICE Actimize, BAE Systems (Detica NetReveal solutions) & etc.
  • Enhance effectiveness of the legacy system to comply with regulatory obligations and strengthen fraud safeguards and detections
  • Develop a 360 degree view of your customer through Business Intelligence and data analytics of your structured and unstructured data to understand customer behaviour and fraud networks
  • Drive productivity and reduce operational loss through risk based approach