TribolaTech provides professional services throughout the entire Software Development Lifecycle from Strategic Planning, Project Initiation, Business Analysis and Functional User Requirements Analysis, Systems Development to Testing, Implementation and Post Implementation Review.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Engineering Services – Product, Process, Network.
  • Technology, Web Sphere and Web Logic
  • Project Management and Implementation Planning
  • Database Design, Development and Administration
  • Quality Assurance Integration & Systems Testing
  • Technical Writing and Documentation Management
  • Systems Integration

IT Consulting

Our consulting experts analyze and asses your current processes and methodology to determine its effectiveness. Working closely with your personnel, we will review specific projects within your portfolio in order to formulate and design a methodology and framework that delivers value that lasts beyond our engagement. We show you how to gain a competitive advantage by aggregating and analyzing your project data using the right combination of portfolio management tools and resources.

OffShore Services

Today, interest in offshore services runs high. Large multi-national companies deliver solutions using offshore centers to cut their costs by more than 50% and at the same time reduce their delivery cycle and increase the quality of their products. However, many enterprises, especially the small to medium sized ones, are being left behind without the benefits that arise from leveraging upon offshore solutions delivery.

Large companies have made significant investments in offshore infrastructures themselves, or have invested heavily in direct long term relationships with the large offshore service providers. In addition, these large companies have dedicated resources locally to manage the offshore relationships and thereby extract the best value from their offshore engagements. These large companies,which are the early adopters of offshore solutions, tie up most of the bandwidth, and the management attention of the large offshore service providers, with high-dollar commitments.

Small to medium sized companies will not find it economically feasible either to set up their own offshore infrastructures or to invest heavily in a relationship directly with large offshore service providers.

We focus on helping these small and medium sized companies maximize the benefit they can get from offshore solutions delivery, while at the same time minimizing the risks and investments associated with it.

Our Outsourcing, Application Development, Product Development, Quality Engineering, Data entry services, lend themselves well for a blended model with significant Offshore components, there by quickly delivering value in terms of cost reduction, quicker delivery, and improved quality

We make it very easy for you to benefit from offshore solutions delivery through our Customer Friendly Engagement process.